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This is a virtual version of an actual exhibit by the Asia Pacific Peace Museum (APPM) team at ALPHA in partnership with the Unit 731 Museum at Harbin

Copy of Posters_Indigenous_Rights.pdf
This poster series provides an overview of Indigenous concepts of law, Social Justice, and background of Colonial law.

This resource summarizes four unequal treaties of import from 1842-1901. The Treaty of Nanking (1842) and the Treaty of Kanagawa (1854) saw the advent of Western Imperialism in China and Japan respectively. Subsequently, the Shimonoseki Treaty (1895)…

Komagata Maru.mp4
On May 23, 1914, the Komagata Maru sailed into Vancouver Harbour from Hong Kong via Mainland China and Japan. On board were 376 South Asian immigrants, all British citizens, wishing to settle in Canada. This short video explains the Supreme Court of…

Quong Wing.mp4
In 1912, Quong Wing, a Canadian citizen of Chinese descent, hired two white women as servers at his restaurant in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Female Labour Act (the Act) barred all “Chinamen” from hiring white females, and as such, he was…

This is a discussion guide that accompanies the ALPHA Education Webinar featuring University of Toronto Professor of History, Takashi Fujitani.

A Research Guide to the Nanjing Massacre (DIGITAL VERSION).pdf
This guide provides a starting point for those students interested in pursuing research on the Nanjing Massacre, including valuable considerations and sources on the topic.

This project details the experiences of multiple women who suffered the trauma of being comfort women in Japanese military brothels. Placemarks are positioned on each woman's hometown and speak to the personal experience of each woman.

The Tokyo Trials History, Perspectives, Significance, A Discussion Guide.pdf
This set of posters provides an introduction to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE), the tribunal which presided over the prosecution of Japanese war crimes after World War II, during what is more popularly known as the Tokyo…

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