Statue of Peace: Memory and Reconciliation

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The goal of this project is to highlight the strength and resilience of the survivors of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery system. With the first statue of peace raised in Seoul, Korea, many more since then have been built and raised to honor the women who suffered, and to make sure that similar atrocities associated with war do not happen again. Through education about the various statues of peace raised to honor the memory of these women, it is the hope that the wider public will learn more about the stories behind these women, which are missing from school curricula around the world. The overarching goal of the peace statues, like many projects created to spread awareness of the consequences of war, is to protect the culture of peace. In doing so, societies can be free from sexual violence and other crimes against human rights.

This project was created by the following ALPHA Education interns from the Global Scholars Program conducted in partnership with University of Michigan: Benitez Laura, Chau Madelyn, and Nair Rashmi (2021-22).


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