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Connections to Canada: 5 Lessons

BHKL3 Lessons Plan.pdf

Connection to Canada Overview
Lesson 1 Canada at War (CW)
Lesson 2 Japanese Canadian Internment (JCI)
Lesson 3 The Battle of Hong Kong: Two…

Human Rights through Social Justice: 4 Lessons


Human Rights Through Social Justice Overview
Lesson 1 The Promise of Human Rights (TPHR)
Lesson 2 Context and Connections: World War II Asia and the…

Road to Reconciliation: 3 Lessons

FNF Forgive Not Forget Lesson Plan.pdf

Road to Reconciliation Overview
Lesson 1 Intergenerational Trauma and Healing (ITH)
Lesson 2 'Apology', what does it mean? (AWM)
Lesson 3 Forgive,…

Digital Archives Project (DAP)

The Tokyo Trials History, Perspectives, Significance, A Discussion Guide.pdf

Primary Source Collection (PSC)
Research (RG)
Discussion Paper and/or discussion guide Guide (DP)
Posters (P)
Interactive Resource (IR)

Anti-Racism Toolkit

Copy of Posters_Indigenous_Rights.pdf

These resources outline the historical origins of racism, but also address contemporary manifestations of racism in North America, by drawing an…

Newsletter & Bulletins (Archive)


This collection features archived newsletters and bulletins categorized according to year.

ALPHA Education Newsletter 2011-2017
ALPHA Education…