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Anti-Racism Toolkit


These resources outline the historical origins of racism, but also address contemporary manifestations of racism in North America, by drawing an emphasis on Anti-Asian racism. The toolkit features a collection of educational resources that educators can use in facilitating discussion and reflection on the issue of systemic and everyday racism.


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Indigenous Law (Posters)
This poster series provides an overview of Indigenous concepts of law, Social Justice, and background of Colonial law.

The Komagata Maru
On May 23, 1914, the Komagata Maru sailed into Vancouver Harbour from Hong Kong via Mainland China and Japan. On board were 376 South Asian immigrants, all British citizens, wishing to settle in Canada. This short video explains the Supreme Court of…

The Case of Quong Wing
In 1912, Quong Wing, a Canadian citizen of Chinese descent, hired two white women as servers at his restaurant in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Female Labour Act (the Act) barred all “Chinamen” from hiring white females, and as such, he was…

Racism and Military Aggression: World War II and the Cold War
This is a discussion guide that accompanies the ALPHA Education Webinar featuring University of Toronto Professor of History, Takashi Fujitani.

Canada's Japanese Internment Camps
This short video outlines Japanese internment during World War II in Canada. Over 77% of those who were interred were Canadian citizens.
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